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Action plan for group & solo work…

Groups exist to help you hone and hold intent – so you can (collectively) do whatever works for you

In Manda’s idealised image, you connect in your groups at least once per week.

And then:

– you select one person to be the focus of that week’s intention and help them to hone the clearest statement of the intention they want you all to hold.

Then either –
– play one of the meditation files and all set your intentions together.

or – if you don’t all want to work together then

– agree a time when you can all set intent in your own space (so not connected on Zoom, but committing to the same time)

or – if time zones and other logistics make it impossible to find a common time

– commit to setting this intent on your own before the next meeting.

Clearly the top option is ideal – not least because it means you can share your experiences of the intention setting afterwards and find out where the wrinkles were.

But however you do this, please share thoughts, feelings and particularly where you get stuck, so that we can address these knots more deeply at the next webinar. (Please be kind, gentle and  compassionate to each other and exert maximal emotional wisdom. If we get stuck, we look at our own stuff and the ways that stuck-ness manifests for us)

Beyond the weekly group meetings, you can either continue to set the intent for the week OR set an intent for yourself OR do nothing. Except on Tuesdays when I’d dearly like you to set the global intent that the world’s media be wholeheartedly in support of the peaceful transition to a regenerative future. (NB: any time at all on a Tuesday – do it whenever suits you).

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