Here’s the idea: Evolution takes place under moments of intense pressure and this moment is about as intense as it gets. We don’t have time for a slow tweak of DNA to propagate down the generations. But we do have the time – and the tools – to make the next evolutionary step one of consciousness, consciously chosen. And we explain how.

It’s time to let go of business as usual and start making plans for a new way of being. We are at the point where we could cause species level extinction at the press of a button. But we’re also the first generation to have the understanding of how consciousness works – to have the details of neuroplasticity, the deep research into psychotechnologies, and the resurgence of connected (shamanic) spiritualities so that we can learn how to find head-heart-gut mind coherence and make the connections to the living world that will allow us to ask for help. Because we can’t do this on our own and we need to let go of that idea, too.

In this first episode of Accidental Gods, we explore the possibility of transformational change – of conscious evolution – and the very practical, daily practice that could lead us towards it.


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