EPisode #3 growing into coherence

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Of the four steps to conscious evolution and the paradigm shift that we need, this is the one that most people have explored at some point. 

This is the place where we shift our brain patterns from beta pattens to theta, delta or – rarely so far, but I think it’ll become more frequent – gamma.  This is where we make the most of the fact that what fires together wires together so that we can begin to have more control over what we think and what we feel, so that in the end, we can reshape both.  This is where we learn to focus our attention, to build a clear and concise intention; where we remember what it is to balance on the knife edge of the moment and free ourselves up from the endless iterations of our fears of the future or despair at the past. 

This, effectively, is where we find what it is to be the best of ourselves.  And the good news is, this is the easiest bit to work on – it just takes time.  So we’ll explore the beginnings of this – of what we can do and why, and what the implications might be for our integration and our end goal of conscious evolution. And then in the next episode, we’ll look explicitly at how we can do it.  

In this third episode of the Accidental Gods podcast, we dive more deeply into what Growing into Coherence actually means and how we might approach it.

The music that book-ends the podcasts is created by Caro C and is called ‘Sense Ability’ – you can find it here.


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