a mind as deep as the sky

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A Mind as Deep as the Sky

In a world where we’ve become suspicious of head-stuff – logic without connection, and analysis without inner knowing – how can we reclaim the glorious, wild power of our minds in service to our authentic selves?

How can we break free of the ordinary, opening gates into the wild unknown where all possibility lingers?

How can we let loose the full wonder of our minds with confidence, knowing that it’s safe – in fact good – to do so?

We live in a world where our minds (head-minds) are either everything or nothing. We’re either wedded to rationality or we’re doing our best to connect to the Web of Life and relegating our head minds to a far distant back seat where they won’t get in the way.

This Gathering aims to redress that balance – to let us find a place where we can really let our minds rip, without the fear that we’ll end up in a place where our intuition, our feeling selves, our capacity to connect at a heart level will be overwhelmed. Come ready to take risks. And enjoy the ride!

There is a theory that we think up to 70,000 thoughts every day – and that at least 90% of those are exactly the same thoughts as we had yesterday: few of them are original.

At the same time, we are looping round emotional circuits we know well and these, too, are wearing grooves in our minds where the familiar becomes the bedrock of our reality because we don’t know how to break out of it.

We are shaped by our deepest feelings, and yet we don’t have direct access to them – except by choosing what and how to think.

How best, then, can we think new thoughts, that we might, in time, feel new feelings – and in the end, so that we are able simply to be, in that state of INTERBEING that is the end goal of every spiritual path?

Every spiritual path has its techniques and here in Accidental Gods, we have ours: the cultivation of joyful curiosity as the grounding point of everything, the building of good habits, the choice to think differently, deep dreaming journeys that take us to meet parts of ourselves or the world we don’t meet in ordinary reality that can help us on our personal journeys…

Each of these is easy to imagine and harder to do. In this Gathering, timed close to the equinox, that place of balance where night and day are even, where the long days begin to shrink and the nights draw us towards the looks-within time of deepest winter, we will have three hours to talk and work together, to build out practice and to reflect in small groups on the things we find easy and hard.

Whether you are one of our earliest members or newly come to the work, this is a chance to join with the community and explore your own practice more deeply.


Sunday 19th September

6pm-9pm BST 

Course Fee £35  (Low/Unwaged £15)

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