another world is possible…

we have the power of gods to destroy our home,
but we also have the chance to become something we cannot yet imagine,
and by doing so, to transform the nature of ourselves – and all humanity.

accidental gods is a podcast and membership program exploring how we can create a future that we would be proud to leave to the generations to come.

*NEWS FLASH *  Manda’s latest novel,  ANY HUMAN POWER was published on 30th May



The Accidental Gods podcast is the place where we we find ways through to the future we’d be proud to leave behind.

This is where we introduce listeners to people and ideas that are at the leading edge of regenerative change.

In a world where ideas grow faster than anything, we invite guests whose lives are committed to creating the world we all know is still possible

With a sense of personal and collective agency,  we can choose a different future.

The membership program

Awaken into a renewed connection with the living world and in doing so, reconnect with yourself and experience life more fully.

Grow into an alignment of head and heart that brings you a sense of inner coherence and integrity-of-spirit.

Explore the power of intent and how to hone it, gaining insight and clarity so you can bring the best of yourself to the world.

Emerge as a more fully realised human being with a renewed understanding of your potential and your place in the world.





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