another world is possible 

We have the power of gods to destroy our home,
but we also have the chance to become something we cannot yet imagine,
and by doing so, to transform the nature of ourselves – and all humanity.

Taking the next evolutionary step

We didn’t grow up believing that we’d be part of the generation that gave itself the capacity to wipe out life on our planet.

But here we are – accidental gods – poised on the brink of chaos and mass extinction. 

And yet…we are also poised on the brink of vast potential transformation.  

Until now, every step on the way to consciousness, from the first cells emerging from the primordial soup, to the astonishing reality of humanity – has been by incremental tweaks in DNA punctuated by sudden shifts in form that took us to a new stage of growth. 

We have the capacity now – here, now, at the dawning of the third decade of the third millenium – to make humanity’s next evolutionary step one of consciousness, consciously chosen. 

No more slow tweaks to DNA – this is a radical change in the nature of what it is to be human.  

This is about us – all of us – becoming the best that we can be.  

And then, together, the whole that we become, transforming into something so much greater than the sum of our individual parts. 

This is a co-creation.  But each of us needs to make the steps to get there. We can do this if we do it together. 

conscious evolution – a choice consciously made

This is not a new idea.  Philosphers and spiritual leaders have been talking for decades about conscious evolution being the next step for humanity – and yet we’re still here, not so different from where we were then, except the fallout from decades of business as usual is become daily more devastating. 

Because talking is not enough.  Thinking deeply is not enough.  Meditating for a few more hours in an ashram or a monastery or on a mountain…is not enough. 

We need to do more than this – and we can.

We can reconnect.

We can step into our heritage as human beings at the same time as we grasp the radical, transformative potential of this moment.

We can use the cutting edge of neuroscience and meld it with the connectedness to the natural world that is our birthright.  

And then we can take the next steps towards the transformation of humanity. 

a new way of being

This is our dream: born out of a long-night sat with a fire and then a year of asking for help; drawn from long meditations and longer walks, from listening and reading and exploring and studying; grounded on the foundations of forty years of shamanic practice…

We believe that conscious evolution is possible and that the time is now.

Nothing is more urgent. 

We believe that anyone – everyone – can take part in this.

We believe there are four clear steps towards a future we cannot yet describe (because no problem is solved from the mindset that created it) and that we can break these down into straightforward, attainable sub-steps so that the path forward is open and clear.

These four steps are:

— Re-awakening into Connection

— Growing into Coherence

— Asking for Help

— Letting Go.

Join us

Details of what these four steps mean and how we can each reach them are the core and heart of this website.

It has three main parts

A podcast: an in-depth exploration of the accidental gods proposition and then a deep dive into the liminal space between science and spirituality, philosophy and politics, art, creativity – working always to deepen our understanding of all that the conscious evolution of humanity entails.

A blog: this is the written form of the podcast – plus additional essays by us and our guests exploring all aspects of conscious evolution and the roads that might take us there. This is where we store our resources and our ideas.  If you prefer reading to listening, then the blog is your next step.

A Membership Portal: Our dream is of a co-creation. We seek to build a community of practice where we can lead people through a structured program that will enable anyone and everyone to reconnect to the web of consciousness, to step into personal coherence, to ask for help in ways that yield authentic, grounded, coherent and above all, useful answers – and to let go of all we believe to be true in order that we might be open to an entirely new way of being.

None of this is hard. None of it is out of reach. Our Membership portal walks you through the steps and offers community and connection on the way.

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