Welcome to Accidental Gods –  the podcast where we believe that another world is still possible, and that together, we can create a future we’d be proud to leave to the generations that come after us.

Our aim is to provide the tools we could ever need to understand the potential of this moment – and ourselves within it.

In a world where ideas grow faster than anything, we curate the cutting edge of neuroscience and psycho-technologies, connected spirituality and resilience, politics, philosophy and human creativity so that together, in all our diversity, we can choose a different future.

We’re giving voice to those at the leading edge of change so that we can all learn new ways to be, to live, to create community and to co-create world where people and planet flourish and we live as integral threads in the web of life.


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#201  Transforming Narrative Waters with Ruth Taylor of the Common Cause Foundation

How do we change the stories we tell ourselves and each other about ourselves and each other – and our place in the world – into stories of transformation, trust and togetherness? This week we talk to narrative theorist Ruth Taylor and we were blown away by the ideas she put forward and the clarity of her thinking.

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#200 epsiode bonus: Walking the edge between light and dark: Equinox reflections on Accidental Gods past, present and future

Celebrating our 200th episode with a short reflection on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going: as a movement, a podcast, a world.

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#Equinox Meditation: Finding the balance point in ourselves and the world: Essence

Manda’s Equinox meditation focuses on finding our sense of balance as the tilt of the world balances between summer and winter, light and dark, day and night. And from that, finding a stable place with the three pillars of our heart minds: joyful curiosity, gratitude and compassion.

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#200  Meeting the Spirit of the Land: exploring Spirituality in Farming with biodynamic grower, André Tranquilini

How can we heal our relationship with the earth, heal ourselves and feed the world good, nutrient-dense food?

In this, our 200th episode of Accidental Gods podcast, I am delighted to be joined by André Tranquilini, estate manager at Waltham Place, a 220 acred biodynamic estate in Berkshire, in the UK.

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#199  Making The Nettle Dress: a creative journey of attention, magic and loss with Allan Brown and Dylan Howitt

Allan Brown’s exploration into how we could feed and clothe ourselves as we head towards a world of localism and increasing self reliance led to his spending seven years of his life making a a dress from the fibres of the nettles that grew locally.

It was an extraordinary process of experimentation, discovery and ensoulment – a journey into possibility that would be hard to match in our current, frenetic world. And we know about this: the patience of it, the wonder, the loss, the grief, the resilience, the alchemy… the sheer magic, because Dylan made a film, ‘The Nettle Dress’ which also took 7 years and is also a process of emergence and ensoulment and magic and discovery.

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#198  Healthy Human Culture: Diving deep into ourselves, each other and the world, with Sophy Banks

How do good people create systems of oppression? What is Health? What is unHealth? And how do we move from the latter to the former in ways that mean good people create systems of co-creation, inter-being and connection? This week, we explore all these questions with Sophy Banks, Founder and Lead Facilitator of Healthy Human Culture.

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#197  Inspiring the Climate Majority with Prof Rupert Read

What can we do to unite the overwhelming majority of people who understand that we’re on the edge of the cliff and want to *do something* but don’t know what or how? Rupert Read has a project to give them all a voice…

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#196  The Art of Living Well – A Creative Life on the Land with Elisa Rathje

Building community out of the remnants of our fractured culture – connecting to each other and the land – is how we’ll get through. Elisa Rathje is doing just this – and making TV of the process.

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#195  Spiritual Activism: Permaculture of land, heart and people with Maddy Harland

Permaculture is so much more than simply a way to connect people to the land and the growing of food: it’s a way we can bring all of ourselves to the project of total systemic change: our minds, bodies, spirits, hearts – and the practicality of what we do.

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#194  This Mighty Heart: exploring the power of Heart Intelligence with Scilla Elworthy

We all know that we need to reconnect to our Heart Minds and to bring our Heart Intelligence up to meet the explosion of left brain intelligence – we just don’t know how to do it. This week’s guest is one of my living heroes – who does have clear, grounded ideas of how to do this.

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#193  Giving Birth to an Alien Intelligence: AI – existential risk or integral part of the solution? With Daniel Thorson

Is AI really an existential risk to humanity (and the biosphere) or can we harness it to be a power for good?

Are Large Language Models likely to subvert our children? Is Generalised AI going to wipe out all life on the planet? I don’t know the answers to these. It may be that nobody knows, but this week’s guest was my go-to when I needed someone with total integrity to help unravel one of the most existential crises of our time, to lay it out as simply as we can without losing the essence of complexity, to help us see the worst cases – and their likelihood – and the best cases, and then to navigate a route past the first and onto the second.

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#192  Walk Deep, Walk true, and Listen to your Dreams: wordsmithing the human spirit with Abigail Morgan Prout

If language creates reality, then those with the skill to balance words on the knife edge of meaning are the leading edge of our new creation. Award-winning poet, Abigail Morgan Prout, shares her work, her relationships and her life in service to the change we need to be in the world.

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#191  A Green New Deal that works for people and planet with Max Ajl 

What would a genuinely progressive, regenerative Green New Deal look like if it took into account he well-being of all life on the planet? We discuss the options with Max Ajl, author of A People’s Green New Deal.

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