Welcome to Accidental Gods –  the podcast where we believe that another world is still possible, and that together, we can create a future we’d be proud to leave to the generations that come after us.

Our aim is to provide the tools we could ever need to understand the potential of this moment – and ourselves within it.

In a world where ideas grow faster than anything, we curate the cutting edge of neuroscience and psycho-technologies, connected spirituality and resilience, politics, philosophy and human creativity so that together, in all our diversity, we can choose a different future.

We’re giving voice to those at the leading edge of change so that we can all learn new ways to be, to live, to create community and to co-create world where people and planet flourish and we live as integral threads in the web of life.


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In the podcast this week, Manda asked for your help with ideas for future online Gatherings.

Who would you like to meet and/or ask questions of? What kind of Gatherings would you like us to hold?

If you can spare a couple of minutes to answer two questions we would be very grateful.

#210  Cars of the future (NOT EVs!) – Transforming transport and business with Hugo Spowers of Riversimple Movement

We are so used to moving around. How will we manage our personal transport when our fossil fuel addiction ends? One company is addressing personal transportation AND creating a genuinely transformative model for a whole different way of doing Business.

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#Bonus  Beyond the Brink is the Beginning with Richard Wain – Launching 27 November 

Words have the power to change worlds. Powerful words, powerfully written can open doors to the future. Beautiful words, beautifully written, can give us hope . Richard Wain’s new collection of poetry is doing all of these, with panache, and heart and soul.

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#209  Building Lifeboats to the Emerging Futures with Sophia Parker of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

How do we best use the tools of our current system to create and support the emergent change we need? Our guest this week is right at the edge of the emerging futures and in a position to exert leverage at some of the highest points of the scale at which change happens. 

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#208  The Animate Earth Responds: Initiation in a time of Crisis with Alnoor Ladha and Lynn Murphy

How do we move ourselves – individually and collectively – from the broken Trauma Culture of our times, to the Initiation Culture that will allow us to step forward, healed and whole?

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#207  Bringing Indigenous food back to the people: a conversation with Josiah Meldrum of Hodmedod’s

We know we need to eat real food, but how do we make this happen? Hodmedod’s is leading the way in linking farmers to people to make the best of the land.

This episode was recorded at the Marches Real Food and Farming Conference held at Linley Estate in Shropshire in September.

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