transforming ourselves & our world

Helping you rewild your mind and heart,

find real hope in the chaos of our times,

and take your place in the living world as part of the solution.

Our world stands at a turning point.

On one side, lies the extinction, not just of humanity, but of vast swathes of the life with which we share this planet.

On the other side lies a place where, together, we can become  the active agents of conscious evolutionary change.

In taking this leap, we can transform both ourselves and our world beyond anything we currently understand.

We don’t – and cannot – know exactly where we’re heading: that’s part of the deal.

But in taking this path, the worst that can happen is that we become the best of ourselves –

– we awaken into a renewed connection with the living world and in doing so…

– we reconnect with ourselves and our communities

– we grow into an alignment of head and heart that brings us a sense of coherence and integrity-of-spirit

–  we emerge as fully realised human beings with lives sharp with meaning, connection and potential.

The best is that we make the next evolutionary step one of consciousness, consciously chosen – that we move through the portal of evolutionary change to a world as far beyond our current understanding as the butterfly is from the chrysalis.

We propose the radical transformation of what it means to be human. A co-creation of something entirely new.

as a member You will RECEIVE…

— A detailed eight-week starting program of structured guidance. This starts with a week of habit-building and moves on into visualisations and meditations which take you on the first steps towards awakening  into connection and growing into coherence – the first two steps that lie at the heart of this program.

NB: – this is not linked to a particular start date. Nor is it in any way compulsory to do it in 8 weeks. It’s there as a scaffolding and a suggestion: you do with it what you want and need. If you prefer to find your own way to use the resources on offer, that’s fine too.

— A series of Workbooks to support your growth and practice. The first of these will guide you through the steps required to set up strong, enduring habits as the foundation for all our other work.

— A continuing monthly program schedule leading you through the deepening steps of connection and coherence with our growing suite of visualisations and meditations.

— Access to a private Members-only Community Forum where you can share what works for you, and connect with others who are on this path

— Access to a weekly live webinar with Manda where you can bring questions and, together, we can explore the boundaries of all that we’re talking about.

Early access & preferential rates to accidental gods retreats and workshops designed to deepen this work.

Helping you rewild your mind and heart, find real hope in the chaos of our times and take your place in the living world as part of the solution.

Join the evolution!




At the heart of this program lies the understanding that we are not bound to remain separate from the rest of the living world – that we can re-connect and in doing so, we can step into our birthright as human beings.  

At the point when we can take our place in the web of consciousness that spans this planet with a clarity of purpose that feels real to us, with connection, compassion and coherence, in full confidence that we are in the right place at the right time – and with the stability, flexibility and integrity to ask what is needed of us and respond in the moment…then we are fully human.  This is what we are here for.

Helping you build transformative connections

But… all of this is empty words if we can’t genuinely build the relationships we need with the other-than-human world.   We have 40 years experience of shamanic practice, and 16 of teaching shamanic dreaming and we have brought everything we know to this question: how can people with no previous experience learn to connect in a way that is utterly authentic and grounded? How can people find ways to build the reciprocal relationships we all need, so that we can ask ‘what do you need of me?’ and hear answers that are real, useful, and true?

This program is our answer and the schedule of visualisations offers a structured route to authentic connection.  We start with the elements, and of those, we start with water – it’s present intermittently throughout the day, so we don’t have to focus on connecting from the moment we wake up – but we can practice connection in the moments when we meet it: turning on a tap, drinking a glass of water, having a shower, stepping out into the rain, standing by a river, or the sea, or the glass-stillness of a loch…even when we pass water, we can take a moment to reconnect.

We’re building this first connection slowly because this is our foundation – we’re not only learning to connect to water, we’re building the entire practice of connection itself. Everything else rests on this foundation so it matters that we do it properly, that we not jump steps…after this, we can work with the remaining four elements more swiftly and then move on to the infinity of the living world around us.

You can listen to our ‘River Connection’ visualisation below. This one comes half way through our structured connection to water.

In the end, connecting to others allows us a deeper connection to ourself, and finding a structured way to facilitate that, takes us to the second part of our program – growing into coherence.


As we come into connection with ourselves and the world around us, we need to learn how to take our place in the web of consciousness in a way that is fully integrated. To do this, we need to learn how to ask ‘what do you need of me?’ and hear answers that are not dulled by projection or ego, fear or judgement or any of the self-delusions to which each of us is inevitably prone.

So we need to reach a point where we can set down our judgements of self and others, our projections and fear, our ego and self-delusions… and this is what we mean by Growing into Coherence.

This is the kind of thing that all the authentic spiritual paths have been teaching for three and a half millennia – far longer if we include indigenous shamanic practices in our accounting.  If we were simply replicating this, then there’d be no point; there are mindfulness apps by the hundred out there already. And yet… we’re not seeing our culture move progressively towards enlightenment.

We need, then, to do things differently.  Alongside the reconnection detailed above, we need to help those of us who live in the frantic chaos of western culture to step beyond the desperate ‘race to the bottom of the brainstem’ to find stillness and clarity and coherence of mind and heart.

How to reach coherence – ways that work

Cutting edge neuroscience is here to help us.  Neuroplasticity, brain wave patterns, heart coherence and the physiological changes that accompany it are all areas of intense study worldwide and our aim is to collate the best of this research and apply it to our work so that we – the accidental gods community – can thrive and grow and reach coherence in ways that work.

Because many of us know the theory and find the actual application hard, we have broken everything down into steps that make sense.  Guided by the best of scientific theory and our own practice, we have created a foundational Habits Workbook, and a sequence of straightforward practices designed to make the progression to full coherence feel, effortless, straightforward and, above all,  do-able.

The aim is to bring your whole self into alignment so that you can make life choices from a place of centered cohesion rather than defaulting to brainstem reflexes disguised as rational choices.

You can listen to a five minute close-focus breath meditation here:


The forum is the heart of our online community – a place where we can share ideas and thoughts, ask questions and explore some of the ideas we’ll be talking about in the podcasts and on the blogs.

We can build community groups based around common interests and experiences, or geographical areas.  We can arrange meet-ups and talk about retreats that are about to happen or have happened.  Most of all, you can feed back to us with your progress so that if you need particular help, we can offer it.

There will also be a weekly live webinar open only to members.  You can send questions in advance and we will answer as many as we can in the hour.

We can also share a guided visualistion live on the webinar – the connection that arises when many people work together can be real and visceral and inspiring.

early access to workshops & retreats

Workshops sell out fast – as a member, you will receive early-bird access to retreats and workshops throughout the year where we can come together and explore the work we’ve been doing in more depth.

There’s nothing to beat the heart coherence of a room of people all working with like-minded energy, focused on the same intent. This is your chance to step into a space where everyone shares the same values – where you can begin to iron out the wrinkles in your practice, and find inspiration and enthusiasm from the people around you.

Members of the accidental gods community will always be offered the chance to sign up before these are opened to the wider public.

Members also receive preferential rates for all events.


Do I have to follow the 8-week getting started program, or can I dive straight into the visualisations?

You can do whatever works for you! The resources are there to support your process. You can work with them in whatever way you choose. You can dip in and out. The getting started program is there to help you build the habits that will enable you to form a solid foundation for the work, but if you want to jump ahead, that’s completely fine.

What happens after the 8 weeks?

There will still be a structure for future weeks, but it will be much looser and freeform- you’ll have built the habit of building habits in those first 2 months so you’ll need less of a structure from us going forward.  We’ll still offer the same rich suite of visualisatons and lots of support from the community every step of the way. 

How much time do I need to get the most from this?

This is entirely up to you.  The first exercise lasts 3 seconds, to get you into the habit of building habits.  Practically, though, you need five minutes a day to listen to the shorter visualisations (some of them are longer, but you can stick to the short ones if time is tight).  The point is that they’re there to help you connect through the rest of your day. So it’s not that you take time out and then carry on as normal, it’s about connection becoming an integral – and effortless – part of your day.

Is this a set program or can I join at any time?

You can join any time – and go at any speed.  We prepared an 8 week starting program for you, but how you use that – if at all – is up to you.  Really, this is about finding what works for you.  Everything is arranged to make it as easy as possible.


Join now on a trial basis for £1 for your first 14 days.

You will receive immediate access to the program. 

Thereafter, membership is £15 per month. You can cancel any time.