Connect. Engage. Transform.

Re-wild your mind and heart to live a life full of meaning and integrity.

Find hope and agency in this time of transformation.

Membership is for you if…

You long for a life lived with purpose and meaning, beyond the techno-materialism of our current culture.

You care deeply about the natural world and yearn to connect with the web of life in a way that feels authentic and grounded.

You’re ready to bring the best of yourself to the unfolding of a flourishing future and are seeking a structure you can trust to lead you into true heart-felt connection.

Accidental Gods meets you in this place and opens a door to an entirely different future – one of hope, agency and meaning.

Membership includes…

Our Connection Program designed to awaken your connection with the living world and in doing so, reconnect with yourself and experience life more fully.

Our Heart Mind Program which aims to help you strengthen and deepen the alignment of your head and heart, guiding you to a sense of inner coherence and integrity-of-spirit.

Our Intention Intensive series helps you to shape a clear, clean intent and hold it, confident that you can follow a strong and guiding thread into the future.

Half-price tickets for all Gatherings.

Access to the members’ Forum

The Connection Program

At the heart of this program lies the understanding that we are not bound to remain separate from the rest of the living world – that we can re-connect and in doing so,  step into our birthright as human beings.

At the point when we can take our place in the web of consciousness with a clarity of purpose that feels real to us, with connection, compassion and coherence, in full confidence that we are in the right place at the right time – and with the stability, flexibility and integrity to ask what is needed of us and respond in the moment…then we are fully human.  This is what we are here for.

You can follow the detailed eight-week starting program of structured guidance or browse the huge range of visualisations and meditations at your own pace.  We build slowly, to create a strong foundation from which everything else emerges.

We start by transforming our relationship with water.

You can listen to our River Connection visualisation below.

“I feel like I have been given a tardis  –  inside the program is much, much larger than it seems on the surface… an incredible and beautiful set of experiences…”


“It is with wholehearted gratitude that I thank you for the gift of Accidental Gods, and the opportunity to be a part of it for the sake of our Earth and more-than-human-kin.”


The Heart Mind Program

This Program – new for 2024 – is designed to strengthen your connection to the Three Pillars of your Heart Mind: Gratitude, Compassion and Joyful Curiosity.

Through a series of ever-deepening meditations and visualisations, you will re-discover your birthright as a fully connected being in the Web of Life.

You will find ways to bring your Heart Mind and Body Mind into balance with your Head Mind, so that all three are working together and – crucially – so that you are able to explore choices and reach decisions with your Heart Mind. This frees your Head Mind from the responsability of knowing the unknowable and allows it to focus all its amazing creativity on bringing those choices into being.

In a carefully structured succession of visualisations. we’ll build solid foundations so that you can really feel the moments of deep Heart-Mind connection through your days, linking them together to form a continous shift in how you experience life.  In the end, we aim for two things: to fall in love with life, and to take our place as a node of full-hearted consciousness in the Web of Life.  This program provides avenues toward both of these.

“It is with wholehearted gratitude that I thank you for the gift of Accidental Gods, and the opportunity to be a part of it for the sake of our Earth and more-than-human-kin.”



Setting, holding and honing clean, clear intent is hard…there’s no getting around this.

Through 2023 we held a series of Intention Intensive sessions to help members to find what mattered most in their lives and then to engage a set of clear, grounded principles to bring them into being.  After the opening blog, which laid out the full process, we held regular live workshops in which we discussed what was and wasn’t working, set up support groups, explored the ‘global intent’ that everyone set – and then held a guided visualisation to help people move more deeply into the process

The blog, the opening workshop and the meditations from this program are now available for all members.


The forum is the heart of our online community – a place where we can share ideas and thoughts, ask questions about the membership programs and explore some of the topics we discuss in the podcasts and workshops.


Our online Gatherings are open to everyone – not just members –  but if you are in the membership you can come for half-price.  This is your chance to step into a space where you can begin to iron out the wrinkles in your practice in a group of like minded people


What is included in the membership?

The full Connection Program with over 50 visualisation and meditations designed to connect you with the web of life.

The Heart Mind Program designed to help you explore choices and make decisions from your Heart Mind – the place of deep knowing – releasing your Head Mind to focus all its amazing creativity on bringing those choices into being.

The Intention Intensive series exploring how to set clean, clear intent.

Half-price tickets for all Accidental Gods Gatherings.

Access to the Accidental Gods Forum

HOw much does it cost?

We offer a free 7 day trial for £1. Thereafter membership costs £15 per month.

HOw do I cancel?

You can cancel any time from the Account tab in the main website menu. Click the Subscriptions button and you can cancel from there.


“ I’ve been so enjoying the practices. I’m happy to be here and am a huge admirer of Manda’s work. I’m really happy to discover this online way to study with her… “


“ I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for hearing and acting on the call to start up Accidental Gods. It resonates with me on such a deep and profound level and brings together the various strands of the past 40 years of spiritual questing for me …. all wrapped up in one coherent and exciting practice. So, thank you with all of my being.  So looking forward to seeing how this evolves for everyone and everything” 


“ I’ve been listening to the rain visualisations and have been going out in the rain and asking, what do you want of me? I got no answer. Twice that happened. The third time was this evening.  I went out to put some stuff in the recycling bin. Light rain. Just a drizzle, really.  Me in my shirtsleeves. I asked, what do you have to tell me? Came indoors and, instead of drying my head and hands, I stood there, feeling the droplets. There was a sense of something long forgotten, faint but tugging at my heartstrings.

I am very grateful for Accidental Gods.  Thankyou!”


“I just listened to the first podcast. It was like being hit by a lightning, in a very deep sense like coming HOME. I am short of words to express my gratitude for this. I am 74 years old and a retired psychologist. I know that in order to go through the psychological and spiritual changes needed in the process of deep adaptation, I will need help in the process… I’m very much looking forward to this journey”


“I’m so grateful for this new project called Accidental Gods . The idea that it is time to transform, transfigure, grow up and evolve is so beautiful! I’m grateful to be on this journey with you all.”


“ I’ve got to week five of my journey with Accidental Gods and I feel my commitment to this process, and my respect for the depth of it, as well as my water connection, deepening. I love the rain visualizations, and following them with the close focus breathing is beautiful. I keep being tempted into longer versions!”


“ Back in May I took a workshop with Manda in Massachusetts, so when the email for Accidental Gods appeared, I signed up right away – such a wonderful teacher and human being.”


“ I think we are at a real tipping point – grief, despair, anger, numbing out and fear are all around us.  For me, it feels vital to hold hope somewhere in my heart and find ways to contribute to a positive change – through nature connection, through community, through making different life choices. ”


Accidental Gods is a wonderful vehicle to engage people on many different paths under one umbrella. I have seen this work in America but I am not attracted to the commercialism of it there and what you are doing seems much more heart centred and genuine… It’s a joy to join with other like minded people and the time is certainly ripe for it. Thank you it is wonderful. ”


Feeling engaged and optimistic about the work ”