Episode #75  The Wild Church: Druid Christian Sam Wernham, founder of a land-based church explores the nature of wild contemplation

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When do you feel most alive? When are you most open and connected with a deeper sense of being? When do you fall in love with life and want to turn towards the world with hope and care?

Perhaps, like us, your sacred ground is the earth under your feet… your sacred spaces are cathedrals of trees with branches filled with wind and rain, sunlight or stars… your baptismal pools are filled with deep brown river water or the wild and salty sea. Perhaps, like us, you yearn to share this… for spiritual community, for authentic meeting and deep silence with people and with all beings. So, welcome to wild church!”

In this podcast, we explore Sam’s journey to the founding of the Wild Church and Wild Monastics – how these fulfil the need for deep connection, and where her spiritual activism has taken her since the pandemic began.

In Conversation

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