staying steady in uncertain times

accidental gods at the cutting edge – gathering

Emotions flood our bodies at the click of a button. The truth shatters into a million little pieces. It’s getting harder to catch a breath. With each twist and turn, it feels like the world is making us mad.
But you are stronger than you realise.
You can breathe deep.
You can can hold your ground…
You can find your light in the darkness

Louis Weinstock is an author, a trauma specialist and a deeply wise human. He works with children – and with the child inside all of us – the one that wants to cry, that knows what it wants, that really does dance like nobody’s watching…the one that keeps on getting up no matter how often it falls down.

In this time of complete transition, more than anything, we need to find ways to help ourselves and each other to take care of ourselves and each other, that, together, we can reach forward to a world we’d be proud to leave behind.

Come and join us for this evening session. Louis will join us for an hour’s conversation about being human at a point in time when so much is under threat and things are moving too fast for us to keep up.

Bring your hearts and your questions and we’ll see if we can’t all step away from this feeling a little stronger.

We’ll take time afterwards (up to one hour) to discuss amongst ourselves how we feel and what we think about what we’ve learned.

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#131  How the the world in making our children mad and what to do about it


Sunday 19th May 2024

19:00 – 21.00 GMT (We’ll take breaks as we need them)

Gathering Fee £10

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