Brightening your Suns,
Polishing your Shields,
Anchoring your Roots

an experiential gathering

We know that we are embodied energy, but sometimes the embodying is difficult to bring into being: the craziness of our world can knock us off balance, rip out our roots, push up against our shields and muddy our suns (also known as our chakras).
This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to reconnect with their essential energy and discover ways to maintain the integrity of our energy systems.

In this four hour online Gathering we will explore:

–  How to harmonise the energies at our core

–  How to balance our suns, clean out the unwanted energies and then make sure that our shields let out what we choose to let out and let in what we choose to let in?

–  How to make – and then trust – those choices

–  How totruly become the Hollow Bone, joining the Heart of the Earth to the Heart-mind of the Universe through our own hearts, in a way that keeps us fully vibrant

We’ll explore different techniques for assessing the current balance/imbalance of our suns and shields and then for clearing/cleaning and re-balancing to bring them into dynamic harmony. We’ll look at ways to ensure that’s what’s ours stays ours and how we can remain resilient in the face of other energies.

This Gathering is intended primarily for those who are members of Accidental Gods or who are engaging with the practices of Dreaming Awake, but if you’re interested in coming along and you’re not already a part of these, please be familiar with the concept of suns (chakras) as a baseline.


Sunday 28th July 2024

16:00 – 20.00 BST (We’ll take breaks as we need them)

Gathering Fee £50

The Gift Option –  if you’d like to buy this course as a gift for someone please buy below and then email us with the address of the lucky person so that we can send them them the Zoom link in a Gift e-voucher.

Details Price Qty
Gathering Fee £50.00 GBP  
Low/Unwaged £30.00 GBP  


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