July 2021

In this month’s webinar we discussed the work of Daniel Schmachtenberger and The Consilience Project.

More more information listen to this episode of  Your Undivided Attention
or visit The Consilience Project.

•  what is unique about today’s challenges that did not exist when our current social institutions and problem-solving processes were developed?
•  what are the common underlying drivers of these challenges so we can work towards solutions that are actually adequate to address the problems?
• are there aspects of previous social systems (e.g. political, economic, civic, educational, media, etc.) that are effective and need to be included in the social systems of the future? What are their failure cases and where are they fundamentally inadequate to address the nature of the issues of the 21st century?
• what do these answers reveal, in terms of design considerations, about the development of new institutions, problem-solving processes, and systems of coordination?
• what developments in public culture are needed for these new processes and institutions to arise from the people rather than being imposed by an authority?