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online short courses for 2024

We’re offering two types of Gathering for 2024. Each will help us unravel the new reality that is unfolding.

Firstly there will be a range of Experiential Gatherings of the kind we have offered in previous years . These offer you time to dive deeply into your own hopes and fears, courage and reluctance, resilience and fragility in a safely held space. These are designed to deepen the inner work of the Accidental Gods membership, although each can be taken as a stand-alone if you’d rather. And they are open to everyone – member or not.

Newly this year we will interleave these with Cutting Edge Gatherings where we’ll invite people we’ve talked to on the podcast to delve more deeply into their areas of expertise, and then give you time to ask them questions, with time at the end for us to reflect as a group and begin to build bridges of understanding within and between the various pillars of our world.

Near the December solstice, we’ll bring these together in a Gathering that blends ideas with experience, weaving a combination of all that we’ve learned.

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dreaming your year awake

An Experiental Gathering

Sunday 7th January 2024

2024 will be a year like no other.  As a world, we’re teetering on the edge of massive change. How do you want to show up in this time of transformation? How can you bring the best of yourself to the challenges we face?

Dreaming your Year Awake offers time for you to take stock of where you’ve been and where you’re heading, to balance yourself in the moment and and look clear-eyed down the path of tomorrow so that you can bring the best of yourself to this new year in a way that will last long beyond the first flush of resolutions.

This four hour gathering is for anyone who wants to start 2024 with a clear, strong intent: for ourselves and, through us, for the rest of the web of life.

It’s for dreamers, explorers, and anyone who comes with good intentions.

No experience expected or required.

Facing Fear

An Experiential Gathering

Sunday 7th April 2024

What are you afraid of? In a world of rapid transition/transformation where all the things we thought were stable… aren’t, what keeps you awake at night or makes your heart lurch first thing in the morning? For yourself, your family, your community, your world, what stories of disaster have most power?

We are all afraid. The world is changing faster than we ever imagined it would, with no way to keep up, and it’s not hard to end up paralysed by fear. And yet if we’re to find creative ways forward, we need at the very least to shine the light on our fear, to get to know those parts of ourselves that huddle curled in the corner.

This is not a Gathering that offers easy answers (there aren’t any) or quick fixes (they don’t exist either), but it offers the opportunity to get to know ourselves a bit more deeply, and to find out if there’s a way forward where we walk hand in hand with our own terror, letting it teach us, even as we strive for a world we’d be proud to leave behind.

No experience expected or required.

Finding your Soul’s True Purpose

An Experiential Gathering

Sunday 23rd June 2024

What is your soul’s purpose?
Do you know what it is you came here to do? Has it become the driver for every part of your life?
If you do have a sense of purpose, do you have strategies to stay true to it when the world is clamouring for your time and attention?
In this gathering we will explore how we might recognise our purpose calling to us through the fog of daily life.

Through meditations, visualisations and small group sharing, we will develop a felt sense of our calling so that we can tap into it whenever life feels as if it’s pushing us off track.

No experience expected or required.

Brightening your suns, polishing your shields, deepening your roots

An Experiential Gathering

Sunday 28th July 2024

We know that we are embodied energy, but sometimes the embodying is difficult to bring into being: the craziness of our world can knock us off balance, rip out our roots, push up against our shields and muddy our suns (also known as our chakras).

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to reconnect with their essential energy and discover ways to maintain the integrity of our energy systems.

In this four hour online Gathering we will explore:

–  How to walk through the world with clean, clear and healthy boundaries
–  How to harmonise the energies at our core
–   How to balance our suns, clean out the unwanted energies and then make sure that our shields let out what we choose to let out and let in what we choose to let in
–  How to make – and then trust – those choices
–  How to truly become the Hollow Bone, joining the Heart of the Earth to the Heart-mind of the Universe through our own hearts, in a way that keeps us fully vibrant

We’ll explore different techniques for assessing the current balance/imbalance of our suns and shields and then for clearing/cleaning and re-balancing to bring them into dynamic harmony. We’ll look at ways to ensure that’s what’s ours stays ours and how we can remain resilient in the face of other energies.

This Gathering is intended primarily for those who are members of Accidental Gods or who are engaging with the practices of Dreaming Awake, but if you’re interested in coming along and you’re not already a part of these, please be familiar with the concept of suns (chakras) as a baseline.

No experience expected or required.

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