In a time of transition and transformation, we believe it’s crucial that we imagine a better future.  If we can envisage how we would feel if everything were flourishing, then we can aim towards it. Human intention is an astonishingly powerful thing and the more we can create a felt sense of where we want to be, the easier it is to get there.

What If?

Imagining the better world our hearts know is possible…

We live at a moment of transition and transformation.  The potential is huge – and one of the greatest strengths any of us has is the ability to set a clear intention and build a path towards a goal. 

But we can’t get somewhere without a road map.  We can’t head in a direction we don’t understand. And the first step in building a vision of a future is to know how it feels. 

Really feels.  Feels at the level of our hearts, where the feeling infuses –drenches – every part of our being. And on the whole, we don’t practice this much. Maybe in the first flush of being in love, or when we’re at moments of high adrenaline, but these pass and leave memories that are more cerebral than felt. 

If we’re going to make the most of this moment, we need to learn how to feel a future where we get it right – feel this with every fibre of our being. 

So that’s what this video is for – and the meditation files below.  We’ve made this as accessible as we know how, in different lengths and with different sounds to accompany it – because this is the single most important thing you could be doing now: practicing the feeling if the whole world were to flourish. 

What If? (with birdsong northern hemisphere)

What If? (with music northern hemisphere)

60 minutes

What If? (with birdsong southern hemisphere)

What If? (with music southern hemisphere)

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