accidental gods gatherings

online day courses for 2021

Welcome to our Accidental Gods Gatherings for 2021


Each Gathering is designed to stand alone- unless they say otherwise

No previous experience is either expected or necessary. That said, they do form a coherent cycle and if you follow from one to the other, there is a thread that joins them.

The Gatherings are designed to be deeply experiential

From the start, you will immerse in practical exercises designed to help you reach the depths of understanding and personal transformation that can only come from doing and being. There is theory alongside it so that you understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, but – as always – it’s experience that is life changing and we aim to help you transform your life.


So come along and join the evolution. 
We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Bookclub with Ece Temelkuran

Sunday 5th September

Ece was a guest on podcast number 74 and we are delighted to be able to welcome her back for a Book Club on Zoom on the first Sunday in September.

Whether you’ve read her new book Together, or her previous excoriating political commentary, How to Lose a Country; whether you’ve heard her on the podcast, or on radio or television – or just want to come along and get to know her, this is your chance.

Ece will read an extract from the book and then we will open up to questions from the floor – so whatever you wanted to ask, this is your chance…

If you’re too shy to ask a question live, send it to Faith first and we’ll ask it for you!

a mind a deep as the sky

Sunday 19th September

In a world where we’ve become suspicious of head-stuff – logic without connection, and analysis without inner knowing – how can we reclaim the glorious, wild power of our minds in service to our authentic selves?

How can we break free of the ordinary, opening gates into the wild unknown where all possibility lingers?

How can we let loose the full wonder of our minds with confidence, knowing that it’s safe – in fact good – to do so?

We live in a world where our minds (head-minds) are either everything or nothing. We’re either wedded to rationality or we’re doing our best to connect to the Web of Life and relegating our head minds to a far distant back seat where they won’t get in the way.

This Gathering aims to redress that balance – to let us find a place where we can really let our minds rip, without the fear that we’ll end up in a place where our intuition, our feeling selves, our capacity to connect at a heart level will be overwhelmed. Come ready to take risks. And enjoy the ride!

dreaming your death awake

Sunday 31st October

Is death your friend? Do you live with mortality as your teacher – a felt sense of the precious quality of life, that inspires every moment? Do you take time from the busy-ness of the world to explore the realities of life’s end?

Death is our ultimate teacher: When we learn how to die, we learn how to live. Conversely, only by learning how to live fully present in each moment, can we learn how to die.

Samhain is the time when the veils between the lands of life and the lands of death are thinnest. In this full 6 hour Gathering at S, we will explore the borderline between life and death, discover what life’s end means for each of us, and then create for ourselves ways to dance the magic of life alive, through our understanding of the imminence of death.


dreaming your year alive

Saturday 20th February

How are the intents that you set in January?
Are you on track?
Do you feel the need for a meeting-of-minds to help you refocus?
Or perhaps the dreams of the new year are not the dreams of the growing spring and you’d like to hone a new intent, open new doors, create new pathways?

This 3 hour Gathering follows on from Dreaming the Year Awake – but is open to anyone who wishes to come – and set clear intents for their current path. We’ll explore where we are, 6 weeks in to this tumultuous year, follow a guided visualisation to take us deep beyond our practical minds, and explore more deeply the nature of intention/intent and heart-level intuition so that we can maintain the momentum through into the spring.

dreaming your soul’s path

Saturday 20th March

How do you know when your dreams are aligned with the flow of the Web of Life?
How do you find the intersection of all your wants and needs, so that you wake each day feeling alive and resilient, open to whatever the world brings?

On this day of the Spring Equinox, we will explore how to recognise the felt sense when head, heart and body come into alignment, letting us step forward in a way that feels authentic, alive and inspiring.
This is about learning to trust our own intution to speak in ways that feel authentic, clear, constructive and coherent.  We will spend our time together exploring the ways we can build our intuitive senses until they become a consistent part of our decision-making repertoire.

This course is now over, but we will be running it again, so if you’d like to find out more about what’s coming up, use the button below.

building your personal story

Sunday 20th June

What stories do you carry in your deepest Self?
Do they whisper to you that you are not enough?
Or do they help you share a generative future.
Are they real?
Are they the stories you want to carry?
What happens if you change them?
What might you choose to put in their place?

In this full 6 hour Gathering on the Summer Solstice, we explore our own narratives: what they are and how we can shape them. In a mixture of experiential guided journeys, visualisations, and theory, we will dive deeply into the nature of story: our own stories, the stories of the Over Culture, the stories we inherited, the stories we pass on… and the stories we choose to create and explore.


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