awakening into connection

Thoughts following the US action in Iraq


We’re all on the journey towards connection and coherence, exploring at whatever rate seems right to us – and then we wake up and find that the world has descended into chaos.

At times like this, it’s easy to fall into tribal narratives – whatever our tribe may be, we know our side is right and the other side is wrong. Which is largely the old-paradigm thinking that got us to this in the first place. Instead, those of us who believe in a different future, need to find ways to be grounded and balanced – we need to be the balance for the world. Every bit of research shows that the more we can change our own energy, the more we can become heart coherent, the more we can shift out of crisis-ridden Beta brain patterns into alpha or even theta, the more the people around us come into balance. The ripple effects spreads out.

Finding stillness & connection in the midst of chaos



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