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EPISODES 106 – 120

#120  Buccaneer Economics: Blowing away the old and inventing what works with Prof. Steve Keen

Our current economy is based on idiocy, selfishness and bizarre ideologies. What happens if we completely replace it with a different, better system? How would it work? What would the world feel like?

Insights from Professor Steve Keen, Associate Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney.

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#119  The Business of Awakening: Finding a generative future within our businesses with Garry Turner

If we are to create a regenerative future we’d be proud to leave to the generations that come after us, how can we shift the extractive, profit-based business model that imprisons our industries? What would happen if we unleashed the creative potential of those who are caught in a model that is no longer fit for purpose? Insights from Garry Turner, industrialist, businessman, thought leader – and change agent.

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What can you do if you want to be a gentle, careful, strategic activist? The kind who catalyses change in empathic ways, who strives to understand people in power and who uses the magic of hand-crafts to connect at the level where (r)evolution happens? Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective does exactly this and empowers others to join her.

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#117  What’s an Economy for, anyway? Building an economy for people and planet with Yannick Beaudoin

What’s our economy for? Does it have to keep growing at the expense of all we hold dear, the things that make life worth living? Or can we re-imagine a new way of doing things that would value what matters most to us, and keep people and planet healthy?

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#Bonus Episode: Manda’s Basic Tips for Writers

If you’re in the early stages of your writing journey and want some support, these are Manda’s Ten Key Pointers to writing well: a basic Writing Apprenticeship in an hour!

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#116  Daring to risk: finding our purpose in a turbulent world with Maggie Ostara

What do we do when the world isn’t working for us? When our every fibre rages against the machine and our place in it? Maggie Ostara talks about her own path from a high-flying academic career, through to a life of clear purpose and contribution that has authenticity, integrity and power.

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#115  Activism by Design with David Johnson of the Stanford Law School

How can we use the leading edge of design thinking to create climate activism that really works? Dave Johnson is a lawyer, teacher, writer and design thinker who is bringing his breadth of understanding to bear on the climate and ecological emergency.

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#114  Stairway to Heaven: Food, Farming and the Regeneration of our landscapes with Patrick Holden of the Sustainable Food Trust

How can we improve our health, reduce the costs to the NHS by 50%, restore soil biodiversity, reduce flooding, reverse ecosystem decline and draw carbon down from the atmosphere into the earth’s crust? Regenerative Farming does all of these and more – and Patrick Holden, Founding Director and Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust is at the heart of a movement to spread the word around the world.

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#113  The Whispers of a New World: Stepping into a different future with Tamsin Omond, activist and visionary

How can we shape our culture to be one where everyone thrives? How can we write our new stories where everyone is heroic? How can we connect to the world of spirit in ways that include everyone? With Tamsin Omond, climate activist, strategist, organiser and visionary.

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#Bonus episode –  Thrutopia: changing the world through stories

We live on stories. We thrive on visions of futures we want – or terrify ourselves with those we definitely don’t. But when it comes to our own near-term future, we don’t have the stories that tell us how we got it right. So we need to write them – Urgently! Come and join us on a unique 6 month Masterclass, writing our way to the futures we want and need.

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#112 Business Unusual: Can Business sweep us to a Regenerative Future? With Nathalie Nahai

In a world where governments are failing on all levels, can regenerative business be the change we need to see in the world? Can the new wave of meaningful work create the sense of coherence and community and connectedness to the earth that we need to take us forward? Nathalie Nahai, business coach and resilience trainer talks about the ideas that took form in her new book.

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#111  Earth Alchemy, Ceremonies and Soul Journeys with shamanic teacher Isla Macleod

What is the nature of being and belonging in the current world? How can we honour the rite of passage that is happening, and let go of the old ways, let them die to the past, live in the liminal space of unknowing, and step into a future that emerges from the best of who we are? Isla McLeod, celebrant, healer, ritualist and shamanic teacher unfolds her journey and her wisdom for the coming year.

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#110  The UnderTorah: Exploring an Earth-Based Kabbalah of Dreams with Rabbi Jill Hammer

How do we understand dreams in ways that make sense of 21st Century life? How can we interpret them in ways that have meaning for us as individuals, in the complexity of our lives?

Rabbi Jill Hammer has explored the depths of dreams and dreaming with her new book – and here talks to us about what she learned, and some of the dreams that touched her most deeply.

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#109  Communities of craft and purpose: creating a future that works with Alice Holloway of the London Urban Textiles Commons

How can we find joy in life again? How can we create beautiful things to wear that allow us to be the best of ourselves – and build community while we do it? Alice Holloway is co-founder of London Urban Textiles Commons, and she’s committed to finding the answers. Join us for an inspiring, sparky exploration of how our future can be different.

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#108  Parenting in the Climate Emergency: Building a future we’d be proud to leave to our children – with Eva Bishop

How can we be the best possible stewards of the future for our children? How can we meet their eco-anxiety and teach them resilience, adaptation and give them the skills of systemic thinking that will help them navigate the uncertainties to come?

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#107  Power to change the world – for good or really, really bad. With Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute

What is Power? How do we use it: both power over each other, and the power that fuels the world? How could we use it better? This week, we speak to Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, Richard Heinberg, author of Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival about what’s going wrong and how we could get it right.

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#106  Three-Way Solstice PodBoom: The Hive, Upstream and Accidental Gods virtual solstice party

As we head down into the dark nights of the year, the quiet time of introspection, of assessing the year just gone and thinking forward to the one yet to come, Accidental Gods joins with the hosts of Upstream and The Hive podcasts: 3 women engaged in the best of change to bring the world to a flourishing future.

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