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EPISODES 121 – 135

#135  Trees, Trees, Trees! How we can grow food around, within and on them – with Ben Raskin

What is agro-forestry and how does it differ from Silvo-pasture or Agro-ecology? And when we’ve sorted that out, how is it that trees can become an integral part of our farming landscape, so that we can feed ourselves, while increasing the life, resilience and vibrancy of the soil? With Ben Raskin of Head of Horticulture and Forestry at the Soil Association.

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#134   Weaving with the Land: The future of regenerative farming with Caroline Grindrod

How do we weave together the four pillars of people, landscape, economy – and spirit – into a working system that allows farmers and landowners to work with the land to grow the food humanity needs, while healing the broken earth? With Caroline Grindrod of Roots of Nature, a regenerative agriculture consultancy that works on all scales at all levels from single small farms to large scale multinationals.

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#133   Finding the adjacent possible: routes to political and social transformation with Dave Snowden of The Cynefin Company

There was a (brief) moment when Dave Snowden was going to be a Jesuit priest. Instead, he became one of the world’s foremost thinkers, developers and evolutionaries in the field of change creation, complexity science and sense-making. This episode ranges widely across the path of his life and his ideas, aiming always at the core question of our time: how do we create the best conditions for a generative future we’d be proud to leave to future generations?

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#132   Designing Education fit for the 21st Century with Prof David John Helfand

We live in a world where facts are at our fingertips and yet we increasingly live in conceptual silos where ideas are neither broad nor deep. How can we transform our ways of educating ourselves as we grow to adulthood/elderhood in a world where the ground is shifting under our feet?

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#131   How the World is making our Children Mad – and what to do about it – with Louis Weinstock

How can we create a world where our children can grow in safety – both physical and emotional? How can we find that sense of psychological safety within ourselves? How can we find the authenticity and compassion to heal our own wounds so we don’t pass them on? With Louis Weinstock, child psychologist and expert in complex trauma.

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#130  Connecting with Power: How the media could reframe our world – and why they must – with Donnachadh McCarthy

How do we bring the world’s media on board with the climate and ecological emergency? What would happen if they became the fourth arm of the climate movement? Donnachadh McCarthy, journalist, columnist, author and long term climate activist explains why this is the single most urgent action we can take.

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#129  Net Positive: Designing Regenerative Cities with Professor Janis Birkeland

How do we design our built environment to be more than just ‘sustainable’ (doing things slightly less badly) and instead to be genuinely regenerative where all we build and make heals people and the planet? 

#128  Imagination Activism: exploring radically better futures (and SolarPunk) with Phoebe Tickell

What are the most effective tools we can engage to create new, different, better futures? How do we translate our visions of a generative future into action now? What are our bridging tools, that exist now and take us forward to a world that would work for all of us?

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#127  BioRegionalism: The Design Path for Regenerating Earth with Joe Brewer

The Holocene is over, we all know this. The Anthropocene may segue into the Symbiocene, with the opportunity to experience the surprising abundance of the world, but only if we work at it. Joe Brewer, bioregionalist and earth regenerator, offers a rawly honest evaluation of where we are, and where we could go.

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#126  Regenerative Renaissance: Managing the new economy with Rieki Cordon of Seeds

Revolutions don’t work, and we don’t have time. What we need now is a Regenerative Renaissance where we all envisage the whole, beautiful, clean, thriving world we want, and set about making it happen. In this second part (of two) podcasts, Reiki Cordon of the SEEDS regenerative currency explains how a new economy could work, based on regenerative values and principles.

Second part of two.

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#125  Regenerative Renaissance: Weaving new worlds with cryptocurrencies based on community, with Rieki Cordon of Seeds

We all know that the ways we share value are skewed so that the super-rich grow richer while the rest of the people and planet suffer. But if we’re to replace the dollar as an international currency, what will work, how will it work, how can we make the transition to a genuinely equitable, regenerative currency? What does a Regenerative Renaissance look like? Rieki Cordon of SEEDS has an answer.

First part of two.

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Bonus Episode – on the tenth Anniversary of Sacred Economics: Charles and Jimi Eistenstein with Della Duncan

It’s long been said that it’s easier to imagine the total extinction of humanity than it is to imagine an end to capitalism. But Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics blew that away. An updated version has been released on the tenth anniversary of publication. Here, Della Duncan talks to Charles and his son Jimi about life, capitalism and building the more beautiful future our hearts know is possible.

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#124 Waking Up: Power, possibility and politics in a Fractal Age with Indra Adnan

We all know the current system of politics and governance is utterly dysfunctional. But what will it look like – what will it feel like – to organise ourselves so that everyone has a voice, so that we come together as co-creators and build networks and movements based on our common visions and values? With Indra Adnan of The Alternative Global, author of The Politics of Waking Up.

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#123  Beautiful Methane: Powering the transformation with Will Llewellyn

We all know that methane is a far more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2. But what if we could harness it and put it to good use? What if it we could power our cars and heat our homes on waste food? Will Llewellyn of Red Kite Management explains the potential and how to apply it.

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#122  Transformative Connection: Mapping the way through with Thrutopia’s originator, Rupert Read

In a world in existential crisis, deep within what Joanna Macy called The Deep Unravelling, we have a critical need for road maps to help us navigate a way forward to a future we can’t yet imagine. Rupert Read, originator of the Thrutopia concept, discusses how he came to coin the term, what it means – and, crucially, how we get there.

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#121 Down to Earth Derby: Growing a city Green from the inside out with Jamie Quince-Starkey & Ross Nicholson

As our world balances on the edge of transformation, how do we rewild ourselves and our inner cities? How do we build communities of place and of purpose that work, that give us resilience, life, hope – and a deep, enduring, magical connection to the earth? Jamie Quince-Starkey and Ross Nicholson of Down to Earth Derby describe the utterly inspiring work they are doing to achieve exactly this.

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