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EPISODES 151-165

#165  Unlocking Curiosity: Regenerating Business from the packaging up with Jo Chidley of Re and Beauty Kitchen

How can we shift business to a regenerative model that will be fit for the world we need to create? Jo Chidley, recently returned from Davos, has devoted her business life to breaking the moulds of the way things are done – and has inspiring ideas of the ways we can shift our habits to change the world.

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#164   Stop eating Chicken!: The future of food with Rob Percival, author of The Meat Paradox

How can we feed ourselves while re-establishing our connections to the web of life? In a world where global food systems are extractive and destructive, how can we regenerate our land? Accidental Gods is with Rob Percival, author of The Meat Paradox.

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#163  Cultures of Commoning: Quadratic voting, indigenous connectivity and pacifist chess with Ruth Catlow

How can we create more connection with the people who matter – locally, nationally and internationally? Ruth Catlow of Furtherfield has designed 3-person chess where the pawns can declare world peace, set up the Treaty of Finsbury Park between humans and other species – and experimented with quadratic voting on the blockchain to create real local democracy.

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#162  Being the Change: Journeys in Service to Life with Gail Bradbrook

How can we shift our mindsets away from service to a destructive and extractive culture and offer ourselves fully in service to life. Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of XR and now of the ‘Being the Change Affinity Network’, we delve deeply into the nature of the meta-crisis and how to cultivate the cultural effervescence that will move us forward.

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#161 Plan. Pause. Reset: Real Steps to Radical Transformation with Eva Schonveld and Justin Kenrick

The world is changing: we all know this, but knowing what we can do, how theories of change actually apply… that’s harder. Eva Schonveld and Justin Kenrick are deeply embedded in applying the theory of change in ways that work and from which we can all learn.

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#160  Three years on: Manda’s reflections on our third anniversary – and looking forward into 2023

Three years – and 160 episodes – into the podcast, Manda takes stock of where we’ve been, why we set up and, crucially, where we’re going, both in the ‘cast and in the membership programme

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#159  Food, Farming and Feeding the Soul: with Satish Kumar in conjunction with the Oxford Real Farming Conference

The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) is one of the highlights of the regenerative farming year. Running from 4th – 6th January, this year sees a return to the in-person conference as well as a continuous rolling on-line programme. As part of the lead in, Accidental Gods was honoured to speak with Satish Kumar, one of the god-fathers of the regenerative, redistributive movement.

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#158  Traditional Solstice Celebration: Looking back and looking forward with Della Duncan and Nathalie Nahai

As our world and our lives transform, we need some stable anchors. So, as we do each year, we got together with two other star podcast hosts: Nathalie Nahai of The Hive and Della Duncan of Upstream, to reflect on the year just gone and look forward to the year ahead.  Enjoy!  

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#157  Earthborne Rangers: Playing our way to a future that works with Andrew Navaro

What happens if we stop playing games that laud violence and give us brief dopamine hits for acts of destruction, and instead create, play and share games that build regenerative futures that help to rewire our brains and give us a feel for how community works? With Andrew Navaro of Earthborne Games.

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#156   Living Well within our Limits: Actions for systemic change with Prof Julia Steinberger

How do we live well, while staying well within the limits of the global biosphere, the extraordinary living planet that is our home? How can each of us bring the most effective actions to bear to ensure that the new system grows into something health-giving? With Professor Julia Steinberger of the University of Lausanne.

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#155  Data is the New Plastic! Ethics, Accuracy and AI with Dr John Collins of Machine Intelligence Garage

In a world where it takes as much power to post one image on Instagram as it does to make one 330ml plastic bottle… how are we going to turn the massed ships of big business from ‘profit at all costs’ to something actually sustainable? With Dr John Collins of Machine Intelligence Garage and Digital Catapult.

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#154  Telling the Truth and Moving Forward: Building the Moderate Flank with Rupert Read

We know now that 1.5 is not alive. We are heading for at least 2 degrees of global heating and this is going to change everything that we do. Rupert Read is part of the Moderate Flank, a movement of people who care deeply and want to be part of crafting a flourishing, equitable future, but who need help in working out what to do.

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#153  End of year round-up: Manda’s favourite podcasts, fiction and non-fiction of 2022

As we do each year, we’ve curated a list of the Accidental Gods’ favourite podcast and books of 2022. Enjoy!

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#152  Regenerative by Design: Creating Communities that work with Charlie Fisher of Transition by Design

In a world that feels as if all the certainties are breaking down, how can we build the communities of place and of purpose that will give us the resilience to bridge from the old structures to the new? Exploring deeply practical ways to build community with Charlie Fisher.

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#151  Fractal Improv: finding generosity, connection and compassion amidst our fear with Belina Raffy

We know our climate is in crisis and that time is running out. But we also know that screaming at people to wake up is not working. What if we gave ourselves permission to tell the truth – and the skills to do it with humour and compassion so that we didn’t trigger the resistances of fear? This Episode, we explore stand-up and improv in sustainable communications with Belina Raffy.

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