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EPISODES 166-180

#180  Meeting the Ocean: Rekindling our deepest connections through art and science with Markus Reymann

How do we bring artists, scientists, policy makers, educators, conservationists, journalists, and all the different siloed tribes together in ways that let them genuinely communicate and listen to the web of life?

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#179  Proudly Mad: exploring mental health and the climate emergency with Charlie Herztog Young

How did one man make the shift from Not wanting to live in this world, to refusing to live in this world? Manda and Charlie discuss the interface between mental health, the climate emergency and what we now call eco-anxiety (but which needs a rather stronger name than that implies).

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Bonus: Building Tomorrow – Painting 2050 if we get things right, with Patrick Le Flufy

What does our world look and feel like in 2050 if we make all the good choices now? Paddy and I recorded a brief 15 minute bonus of how the world could look if we actually employed all the strategies in Building Tomorrow – so sit back, soak it in – and then let’s make it happen…

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#178  Building Tomorrow: Practical steps to a new economic system with Paddy Le Flufy

At last! Six economic, business and structural technologies which, if we put them all together, would completely restructure our culture towards a regenerative future.

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#177  Building Bridges to the Future with Cat Tully of the School of International Futures

How can we bridge the space between where we are now and the systems, structures and practices we need to give us the best chance of a generative future?

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#176  Bridging from the Necessary to the Possible with Emily Harris of Dark Matter Labs

If the present system is broken – and is in fact the heart of the meta-crisis – how can we transform peacefully to something that will work to create the future we’d want to leave behind?

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#175  Drawing Humanity out of the Cave with Dr Simon Michaux (part 2 of a series)

Exploring the first of Michaux’ hierarchy of post-Carbon needs: Power – how are we going to power our civilisation as we ramp down fossil fuels?

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#174  The Fine Art of Huddles: multiplying our potential by the power of our peers with Zahra Davidson of Huddlecraft

How can we begin to shift away from the old hierarchical dominance structures of our past 2,000 years, towards something where everyone brings the best of themselves and embraces and celebrates the best in other people?

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#Bonus – Exploring the banking crash with Grace Rachmany, in which I ask all the questions I never asked before…

All you ever wanted to know about banks, crashes, the weaknesses in the predatory capital system and quite how completely we’re being lied to.

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#173  Meshworks of Being: Building Community on the DAO with Grace Rachmany of Priceless DAO

We know that the future is based on Community. What we lack are practical routes to creating communities of community on a worldwide scale – ones that can form and will be resilient enough to survive.

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#172  Dancing with the Muppets of Cutthroat Island: Transforming Industry to create a genuine Green Revolution – part 1 of a series with Dr Simon Michaux

How much actual stuff do we have in the world compared to what we need to make the ‘Green Revolution’ happen? And how do we adjust our lives so that we can create the infrastructure we’ll need to take us to a post-carbon future?

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#171  Reasons to be Sheepful: from wedding shawls to burial shrouds with Yuli Somme of Bellacouche

Sheep have had a bad press recently, With Yuli Somme, we bring them back to centre stage, celebrating their place in our living biosphere.

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#170  Technology for a future that works with Cory Feco of the DOI Foundation

What does our future look like when it works? How can we harness the power of the Web 3.0 in service to a flourishing future? With Cory Feco of the DOI Foundation, who is embedded in just these questions.

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#169  Be Kind, Be Useful, Create Giants in the Sky: transforming community with Alan Lane of Slung Low

How can we bring hope and agency and a sense of awe and wonder back into a world that feels perpetually on the verge of breakdown? Alan Lane and the team at the Slung Low theatre company are embedded in the culture and creativity of one of the most deprived areas in the nation – and are utterly committed to bringing magic into their world.

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#168  One Planet Living: Mapping Minds to create a new emergent Consciousness, with Pooran Desai, OBE.

Linear thinking got us into this mess – how can we engage all the tools of modern technology to help us think more freely, creatively and systemically in service to a more flexible future. 

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#167 Saving Chocolate! and finding solutions to the meta crisis with Nicola Peel

We are in a global meta-crisis and need global solutions – but how do we find them in a world where everyone exists in political, economic or business silos? Nicola Peel is a ‘Solutionist’, dedicated to finding answers to exactly these questions – and then creating change in the world.

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#166   Living in a Post-Carbon, Post-Capital, Post Urban world – with Chris Smaje, author of A Small Farm Future

What does our post-carbon, post urban, post-industrial future look like and how do we get there in ways that allow the current and future generations of life on this planet to flourish?

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