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#105  Winter Book Round up with Manda – Best of the Fiction, non-fiction – and podcasts – to share this season

What are the best, most readable, most inspiring and most give-able books this season? Manda’s solstice list of her favourite Fiction and non-Fiction books read in 2021. Plus a bonus handful of must-listen podcasts.

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#104 Ministry for the Future: exploring the ways through that work with Kim Stanley Robinson

How can we get from the current edge-of-catastrophe to a world where we have addressed the huge issues of the climate and ecological emergency? Only in fiction can we bring the answers together in a vision of a better world. Author Kim Stanley Robinson talks about his The Ministry for the Future – One of Barack Obama’s favourite books of last year.

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#103 Your money or our lives: Economics in a post-COP world with James Meadway

How can we shape our economies in a post-COP, decarbonising world? How can we build a way of exchanging value that actually works in favour of our planet, not against it? Dr James Meadway, former economic advisor to John McDonnell on how redistribution can take place, and how to reshape our political landscape.

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#102 Weaving the Web of Meaning: Building Eco-Civilisation with Jeremy Lent

How do we evolve the radical new sense of community, connectivity, mutual support – and resilience – that we need as we move into a world of climate breakdown?

Jeremy Lent’s book The Web of Meaning is the 2nd of 3 that build a picture of an eco-civilisation. In this week’s episode, we explore the ways we can all be part of the solution.

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#101 Transport for a flourishing Future: Zero deaths, Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon: with John Whitelegg

As we lurch towards irreversible climate chaos, how can we begin to pull back from the edge? This week, we look specifically at the area of transport: how can we be mobile and yet reach the 3 Zeroes of Death, Emissions and Carbon? What would it mean to live in an area with fair, free, extensive public transport? And how can we make this happen. Our lively, inspiring conversation with Dr John Whitelegg has answers.

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#100 New Myths for Humanity: With Alina Siegfried

If the stories of our culture are of separation, scarcity and powerlessness, how can we build new stories, new myths, new ideas of how we can be different? Alina Siegfried is a performance poet, storyteller, and advocate for systems change. She has worked at Enspiral, in the New Zealand Government, and for the Edmund Hillary Foundation. Here, she explores the deep concepts of the stories of our world, and how we can reshape them.

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#99 Untangling the Entanglements of Activism with Anthea Lawson

In a world of such astonishing inequity, where ever fewer people hold ever more power, how do those of us whose lives are given to change, meet the reality that we are embedded in the system? If we are an integral part of the problem, how can we live the solution into being? Is that even what we’re here for? Anthea Lawson has thought about this in immense depth and with huge courage.

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#98  COP26 and Beyond: Future strategies to keep us alive with Rupert Read

What is the bare minimum we need world leaders to agree at COP26 and what can we do if they fail? Rupert Read, academic philosopher, author and climate activist discusses the urgency of the moment – and how a ‘moderate flank’ of climate activists can grow out of the COP.

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#97  Be What you Love: total systemic change, one fractal conversation at a time: with Dr Anna Birney of Forum for the Future

If we are going to meet the challenges of the climate, ecological and cultural crisis, we’re going to have to change the systems that surround us: Education systems, health care systems, food systems, economic systems… ultimately systems of government. How can we do so peacefully and kindly without leaving vast numbers of people in freefall? Dr Anna Birney of the School for System Change talks us through the steps.

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#96 Regenerative Farming – the key to the Climate and Ecological emergency: with Ffinlo Costain (2 parts)

How can we reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, build living soil from the chaos of industrial farming, while growing healthy nutritious food and restoring our devastated ecosystems?

Regenerative farming has so many of the answers and this week we speak to the host of the FarmGate podcast, Ffinlo Costain. Two parts.

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#95  Towards a Progressive Future: politics and activism in the world of climate change with Jeremy Gilbert

How can we build a progressive political movement that spans the world and that will take us to where we need to be: a future we can be proud of and towards which all of us will want to work? Taking politics, activism, progressive ideals with Jeremy Gilbert, Professor of Cultural and Political Theory at the University of East London.

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#94  Medicine Woman Speaks: Deena Metzger, elder, wisdom-keeper, poet and visionary brings 19 Ways to a Viable Future

How can we embrace our humanity and use it in service to the earth and all that lives? How can we bring the best of ourselves to the best of the Web of Life in full understanding of the chaos of the moment, with full and open hearts? Deena Metzger has given her life to finding answers – and shares them here.

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#93 Truth, Integrity and Authenticity: Conversations on Climate Change with younger generations with Louis Weinstock

In a world of uncertainty, transformation and potential catastrophe, how can we find our own truth and, from there, speak with authenticity to the children and young people in our lives about the world that is coming? Louis Weinstock is a celebrated psychotherapist who finds ways to help people of all ages connect with their own truth and share it. In this episode, we explore our attitudes to death, loss – and the climate emergency – and how we can hold the conversations that need to happen.

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#92  Sounds like Magic: a journey into the wild magic of sound with Caro C

How can sound edge us closer to the centre of ourselves, bring us closer into connection with our own authenticity and with the heart of the earth? Caro C has produced the Accidental Gods Podcast since its inception. Here, she talks about the wild magic of sound in all its forms.

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Bookclub #1  with writer and commentator Ece Temelkuran

Ece Temelkuran is an astonishingly astute, great-hearted writer. Joining us from Zagreb, she gave us an hour of wisdom, insight and compassion, based around her book Together: 10 Choices for a Better Now – with an international audience and some cracking questions, this is our gift to you this weekend.

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#91 Circles of Power: Urban Micro Anaerobic Digestion with Rokiah Yaman

How can we embed circular thinking in our food, energy, water & waste to benefit people and the planet? LEAP Micro Anaerobic Digestion is building the systems in the UK, Nigeria, Malaysia and around the world to create local zero waste cultures that provide food and energy to their communities.

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