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EPISODES 211-225

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#225  The Right to Grow: Exploring Seed Sovereignty with Sinead Fortune and Kate Hastings of the Gaia Foundation

Our guests today are two remarkable women who bring energy, commitment and deep thought into building communities of food both nationally and internationally, in bringing ancient local species back from the brink of extinction and rediscovering, or in some cases, building anew the local technology that’ll help to rebuild the communities of place that have been focused on food for millennia and only recently been eroded. They are both masterful storytellers, bringing enthusiasm and the spark of hope to something that touches us all.

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#224 Finding a Cure for Civilisation: Delving Deep into the Roots of Being with visionary and shaman, Drea Burbank of Savimbo

For those who are ready to be part of the monumental shift we need, to stand with the guardians of our planet’s remaining wilderness, this episode is an essential listen. Join us as we explore the profound connections between human healing and planetary health, where the fight for nature’s rights is a fight for our collective future.

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#223  River Charters, Net Zero Cities and BioRegional Banks: Creating a Life-Ennobling Economic System with Emily Harris of Dark Matter Labs

We discuss the bold concept of life-enabling economics (LEE) and the radical aspiration of establishing bioregional banks — a system where money is no longer a mere transactional tool but a means to foster a thriving web of life. From the a watershed-scale project in Scotland to the Sheffield River Don project, Emily details practical steps towards making these ideas a reality, including the creation of relationship registers and multivalent currencies like ‘river coins’.

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#222  Dung Beetles, People and helping the Keystone Species with Claire Whittle, the Regenerative Vet

A moving and deeply authentic conversation with the Regenerative Vet about her journey from traditional large animal vet to advocate for the human capacity to engage with the natural world, for our ability to become a positive keystone species and for farming to become a lower stressed, lower input, far more wholistic experience than it generally is.

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#221  End State: 9 Ways Society is Broken and How we Fix it, with James Plunkett 

This week, I spoke with James Plunkett, a man who has spent his career at the intersection of policy and social change. From the halls of Number Ten to the charity sector’s front lines, James’s unique perspective has birthed  a book that critically examines our societal faults and offers tangible fixes.

Together, we dissect our societal challenges, from outdated institutions to the technology of gods, and discuss structured ways to mend a fractured system.

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#220 Growing a Public Chorus for Change: reshaping democracy with Alex Lockwood of the Humanity Project

Democracy is broken. We keep electing the people least suited to governance when what we need is a way to empower those with the most wisdom and bring wisdom to those with power. So what can we do? The Humanity Project is exploring exciting, living, vibrant answers, right at the emergent edge of inter-becoming.

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#219  Dancing with the god within: Finding the Sovereign Feminine with Maggie Ostara

How does each of us find our sovereignty, our sense of what it is to have agency and be alive in the world, and align this with the part in all of us that is anchored in compassion, connection and empathy? How, in short, do we encounter and encourage our own sovereign feminine?

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#218  On Nature, Culture and The Sacred with Elder and Visionary, Nina Simons

How do we renew our relationships with ourselves – our bodies, our minds, our hearts – that will allow us to connect with the web of life in ways that are generative at all levels?

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#217  Gathering the Memes of Production: Building Co-ordi-Nations with Josh Davila of Blockchain Socialist podcast

What happens with communities of passion and purpose come together across long distances and create new entities beyond the boundaries of nation states? Coordi-Nations are a new idea for our times, to wash away the old war-bound structures.

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#216 Let’s get rid of Money and start afresh! Dismantling the Super-Organism with Diana Finch

If Money is commodified grief, and fiat currencies are imposed by implicit violence, how can we create forms of value exchange that are healing and regenerative and that form part of the solution?

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#215  The Promethian Project: Building a Radical Tomorrow with Dr Simon Michaux (in two parts)

If we’re to survive the looming tipping points, we have to bring regenerative thinking together with material reality – so what do the cities of the future look like and how do they work?

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Part 1

Part 2

#214  Plant Teacher Medicine: learning from the Elder Plants with Dr Simon Ruffell

Bridging the world between modern medical science and ancient plant teachings to bring us into contact with plant elders in a grounded and authentic way.

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#Bonus:  Meditation for the Winter solstice of 2023 with Manda Scott

Here is a meditation for the longest night – a time of rest, renewal and regeneration.

This version is the shortest and comes with music in the background. If you’d prefer longer versions with or without music, you can find them on the episode page link below.

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#213  Solstice Dreaming: 3 podcasters gather round the Dark-Nights fire: Della Duncan, Nathalie Nahai and Manda Scott

This is the fourth year of our now-traditional Winter Solstice podcast get-together in which Nathalie Nahai, Della Duncan and I sit around our virtual dark-nights fire to reflect on the podcasting year just gone and explore what has changed for us since the last time the seeds of new beginnings were grounded in the heart of what has passed.

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#212  Bright Fires, Dark Nights: Connecting deeply and building tribe as we head to the Solstice with Angharad Wynne

Heading into the dark nights of the solstice, we explore the ways we can reconnect with ourselves, each other and the land. How do we shift from a Trauma Culture to an Initiation Culture at scale?

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#211 Braced for Impact: Cutting through the Greenwash and Lies with Rachel Donald of Planet: Critical podcast

If our leaders are engaging in ever more pointless greenwashing, what do we need to know to affect change? And how best do we make it happen?
We talk to Rachel Donald, host of Planet: Critical and one of the world’s top-rated podcasts on the poly-crisis and systems change.

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