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EPISODES 196-210

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#210  Cars of the future (NOT EVs!) – Transforming transport and business with Hugo Spowers of Riversimple Movement

We are so used to moving around. How will we manage our personal transport when our fossil fuel addiction ends? One company is addressing personal transportation AND creating a genuinely transformative model for a whole different way of doing Business.

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#Bonus  Beyond the Brink is the Beginning with Richard Wain – Launching 27 November 

Words have the power to change worlds. Powerful words, powerfully written can open doors to the future. Beautiful words, beautifully written, can give us hope . Richard Wain’s new collection of poetry is doing all of these, with panache, and heart and soul.

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#209  Building Lifeboats to the Emerging Futures with Sophia Parker of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

How do we best use the tools of our current system to create and support the emergent change we need? Our guest this week is right at the edge of the emerging futures and in a position to exert leverage at some of the highest points of the scale at which change happens. 

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#208  The Animate Earth Responds: Initiation in a time of Crisis with Alnoor Ladha and Lynn Murphy

How do we move ourselves – individually and collectively – from the broken Trauma Culture of our times, to the Initiation Culture that will allow us to step forward, healed and whole?

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#207  Bringing Indigenous food back to the people: a conversation with Josiah Meldrum of Hodmedod’s

We know we need to eat real food, but how do we make this happen? Hodmedod’s is leading the way in linking farmers to people to make the best of the land.

This episode was recorded at the Marches Real Food and Farming Conference held at Linley Estate in Shropshire in September.

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#206   Power to the People: Changing the way things work with Simon Oldridge

We all know the climate and ecological tipping points are terrifyingly close. What can we do – as individuals and collectively?

This week we talk to Simon Oldridge, who is working to find politically viable ways to address the climate and ecological emergency. I know that many of you listening are not in the UK and that politics is a very siloed space but I hope that some of the ideas we explore, particularly the bigger ones of global power systems and routes to net zero and nature-based solutions, strike home far outside the boundaries of this island.

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#205  Becoming Intentional Gods: Claiming the future with Indy Johar of the Dark Matter Labs

We are at a moment of decision: We either step forward into our own Great Destruction, which could theoretically see us wipe out all of humanity and most of the More than Human World…

Or we could step into what Indy Johar calls ‘The Great Peace’, claiming our birthright as the Interstitial Generation between the old paradigm of extraction, consumption and pollution—and the new one that could arise where we accept the interbecoming of all things, where we as individual humans take our place in a community of care and experience that encompasses all of the world.

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#204  Courageous Conversations – talking about what matters with Rowan Ryrie of Parents for Future

How can we, as parents, grandparents and anyone who cares about the fate of future generations, live our lives in such a way that when our children ask us why we didn’t do more, we can say with honesty that we did all that we could? How do we help them to build resilience, to feel safe in a supportive community and in connection with the natural world so that as they grow, they can face the truth about the world they have inherited?

And how can we use our role as parents to create conversations that matter, not only with people with meet in our daily lives but also with those in positions of power.

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#203  The Web of Life & New Tech Webs – A Beautiful Connection? With Monty Merlin of Refi DAO

How much do you know about AI, blockchain and Web 3.0? If you’re like us, the answer is probably very little. But these techs are going to change our world out of all recognition and while there is the potential for catastrophe, in the right hands, the same technology has the potential to help us shape the future we’d all be proud to leave behind and this is what this podcast is about.

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#202  What your Food Ate – Or why you should never eat industrially farmed food ever again – With Anne Biklé and David Montgomery

How does soil health intimately and profoundly impact human health? What’s the link between the soil microbiome and the human gut microbiome? How can we begin to restore our health, and the health of the living earth in concert with each other?

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#201  Transforming Narrative Waters with Ruth Taylor of the Common Cause Foundation

How do we change the stories we tell ourselves and each other about ourselves and each other – and our place in the world – into stories of transformation, trust and togetherness? This week we talk to narrative theorist Ruth Taylor and we were blown away by the ideas she put forward and the clarity of her thinking.

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#200 epsiode bonus: Walking the edge between light and dark: Equinox reflections on Accidental Gods past, present and future

Celebrating our 200th episode with a short reflection on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going: as a movement, a podcast, a world.

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#Equinox Meditation: Finding the balance point in ourselves and the world: Essence

Manda’s Equinox meditation focuses on finding our sense of balance as the tilt of the world balances between summer and winter, light and dark, day and night. And from that, finding a stable place with the three pillars of our heart minds: joyful curiosity, gratitude and compassion.

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#200  Meeting the Spirit of the Land: exploring Spirituality in Farming with biodynamic grower, André Tranquilini

How can we heal our relationship with the earth, heal ourselves and feed the world good, nutrient-dense food?

In this, our 200th episode of Accidental Gods podcast, I am delighted to be joined by André Tranquilini, estate manager at Waltham Place, a 220 acred biodynamic estate in Berkshire, in the UK.

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#199  Making The Nettle Dress: a creative journey of attention, magic and loss with Allan Brown and Dylan Howitt

Allan Brown’s exploration into how we could feed and clothe ourselves as we head towards a world of localism and increasing self reliance led to his spending seven years of his life making a a dress from the fibres of the nettles that grew locally.

It was an extraordinary process of experimentation, discovery and ensoulment – a journey into possibility that would be hard to match in our current, frenetic world. And we know about this: the patience of it, the wonder, the loss, the grief, the resilience, the alchemy… the sheer magic, because Dylan made a film, ‘The Nettle Dress’ which also took 7 years and is also a process of emergence and ensoulment and magic and discovery.

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#198  Healthy Human Culture: Diving deep into ourselves, each other and the world, with Sophy Banks

How do good people create systems of oppression? What is Health? What is unHealth? And how do we move from the latter to the former in ways that mean good people create systems of co-creation, inter-being and connection? This week, we explore all these questions with Sophy Banks, Founder and Lead Facilitator of Healthy Human Culture.

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#197  Inspiring the Climate Majority with Prof Rupert Read

What can we do to unite the overwhelming majority of people who understand that we’re on the edge of the cliff and want to *do something* but don’t know what or how? Rupert Read has a project to give them all a voice…

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#196  The Art of Living Well – A Creative Life on the Land with Elisa Rathje

Building community out of the remnants of our fractured culture – connecting to each other and the land – is how we’ll get through. Elisa Rathje is doing just this – and making TV of the process.

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